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    Constanta Sharks was set up in April 2007, being one of the first  teams set up on our country territory.
    The team start year was a real success, culminating with 'the first confrontation'' between two american football teams in Romania, as it was called at that time (december 2007) the meeting between Constanta SHARKS and Bucharest WARRIORS on Badea Cartan Sport Complex in Constanta.
    In 2008, the things went on,  ''the sharks'' having competitions at a higher level, after more elaborated trainings. In the same year, due to all implicating parties in this team, the Sport Association CONSTANTA SHARKS was created, being a guarantee the good way to be followed to reach the initial aims. In summer there was two games with Bucharest Warriors.
    People of that time that had to be mentioned: Robert Mistovschi, Denis Ghita, Mugur Micodin, Gabe Crossman, Marius & Gabi Peltea, Vasile Agapie, Adrian Feodor, Iulian Pavel, Marian Bratosin, Stefan Parase, Ionut Popaene, Bogdan Ghita, Ionut Dan, Radu Ion, Dan Mladinovici, Andrei Sas
    In 2009, the first American football tournament in Romania took place, this one being organised by Bucharest Predators in Bucharest, and Constanta Sharks not having been able to miss this event. Moreover, this one succeded to have outstanding results, namely: it gained the 2nd place of 8 teams at flag football tournament (being the first team's participation at such a match) and winning together with Bucharest Warriors (being together South elected team) the tackle football match in the competition between North and South.
    After a short period of time, some changes occured at the team management' level. In october the team moves in Oil Terminal sports, a base with good facilities, game field, practice field, locker rooms, showers.
    In 2010, after a sponsorship, some new equipments are purchased, to keep a decent  training level. After a successfully recruiting activity over the summer, many new players joined us in autumn, some of them remain until today and consolidate the nucleous of talented, serious and laborious players, like Octavian Stoichita, Gabi Paduraru, Victor & Paul Mitala, Claudiu Colgiu.
In autumn was two game with Bucharest Predators.
    In 2011 at the begining, new equipments are purchased, for completing the number of the existing ones to a complete team. In spring was two games with Bucharest Warriors and Bucharest Predators.
    In 2012 new game uniforms are purchased.
    Now, Constanta Sharks team goes on its activity with more sustained efforts, hoping to reach well determined aims.

    Constanta Sharks puts great emphasis on sportsmanship, seriousness, dignity, collegiality, respect, team spirit, character. These are essential and defining qualities for us. You can join us already having these qualities and wants to transmit them to others, or wanting to acquire or to carve them.
    Constanta Sharks activity is sustaining at the performance level, it is not in any case a purely recreational or occasional activity and should be considered as such by anyone who intends to join us.

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