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If you have the possibility, or you want to help us, or you want to promote a solid education among youngs through a beautifull team sport, or you are a football or sport fan, please take a minute to get to know how you can contribute to our activity, purpose and goals.
We remind you even the most insignificant contribution is important and helpfull for us.

For donations, sponsorships, advertising contracts, "2% from your taxes" program (Romania only) please send an e-mail to:
Mugur MICODIN   

Our contact info and bank acount are:

Constanta Sharks 2008 Sportive Asociation
Str. Pictor Nicolae Grigorescu, No.57, Ap.1,
Constanta, Romania, 900636

BRD Bank, Constanta Branch Bank, Romania
Acount: RO82BRDE140SV76712571400

C.I.F. 25112859
C.I. 19536/212/2009


We thank you !
Entire Constanta Sharks Team

Our needs ( Sponsorship Plan )
ordered by priority:

A. Protective Equipment (football player kits)
- Indispensable, necessary to carry out training, games, to keep active the interest for football of beginers and juniors.
- A complete team that can facilitate games, require a minimum of 22 kits.
- Minimum value of one full new protective equipment kit is 220 €.

  Stage 1 (vital):
   11 kits - helps to support training, to prepare, to simulate the action of the game with fewer players, in groups at a time.
   Amount needed for this stage:  2500 €

  Stage 2 (ideal):
   22 kits - minimum requirement to support the games and training with entire team.
   Amount needed for this stage:  5000 €

B. Game jerseys and pants
- All in team colors, printed with player's numbers and team logo.
- Needed for support games and competitions.
- Amount per kit is between 50 € and 100 €.
- Minimum required 22 kits, tipical is 33 kits.
Amount needed for this category is between 1100 € and 2200 €.

C. Field for practice and game, locker rooms, showers
- Grass field.
- Practice frequency is 2-3 per week. Duration of practice is 2h30min to 3h.

D. Other materials
- Balls, cones, various tools and equipment for specific training (tackle cushions, dummies).

E. Access to power training in a gym.
- Increase strenght, power and muscle mass needed for performance.

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